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"I bought a Jetsleeper from you at the Hurst Show at the end of June and, having now used it on a long-haul return trip to Hong-Kong, I fully believe your sales pitch!! I slept 8 hours each way and arrived feeling more rested than after previously taking economy flights. I am now recommending the Jetsleeper to my colleagues!!"
Mark - Hurst

"Thanks Tim, I actually bought a couple of Jetsleepers early last year but unfortunately lost one last week when I must have left it on board a Qantas plane on route back from Australia! As I will be returning to OZ in the next few weeks, I can't bear the thought of travelling economy without it - together with my Bose noise cancellers it's the only way to sleep!!!"
June - UK

"Many thanks for the second Jetsleeper I ordered, which arrived yesterday. My wife, who is wheelchair-bound with advanced multiple sclerosis and has little control of her head position, finds that a jetsleeper provides a real improvement in the quality of her life. We are both sure that many others in her position could also benefit. Incidentally I have now machine-washed the first one at 30C and spin-dried it without any adverse effects."
Frank - Germany

"My husband already owns one of your hammock designs and is absolutely delighted with it. Due to his work he frequently travels abroad and has never managed to sleep on planes. This has always proved to be very tiring especially on long haul flights, however, since we received our first Jetsleeper® last year this has all changed. He now has no problem sleeping soundly which means he arrives at his destination so much more relaxed. We would like to thank you for this brilliant invention and we would highly recommend this product to anyone who asked without hesitation."
Deborah - Berkshire

"I purchased from you this year at the Marlow Regatta two Jetsleeper® pillows and are very pleased to say that they are fantastic. I do not usually sleep when flying but can honestly say that when we flew to America this year, I slept most of the way and therefore arrived quite rested. It is for this reason that I would now like to buy another blue pillow for my father as a Christmas present."
Mrs Turnbull - Southampton

"I bought a pillow to use on a trip to New Zealand over Christmas and was so impressed I'm buying more for relatives who are about to do the same trip. Another order was from my roommate - however there are a lot of us who work here, so will keep spreading the word."
Rebecca London

"Thank you for your e-mail - what excellent customer service! I look forward to receiving the Jetsleeper®."
Rachel Shropshire

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