How to Use

1. Place the hook over the head rest of your seat.
2. The Jetsleeper® should hang from the hook as shown (for the standard height position).To raise the pillow higher, (for people over 170 cm tall) slide the pillow along the hook and over the nodule. The pillow should then rest higher up the seat, with the hook on the other side of the pillow to your head.
3. Now take the strap and place over the armrest. Pull this tight to secure it in place.
4. The velcro strap can be fastened and tightened to suit. The more taut the more support the pillow will give.To leave your seat, simply undo the velcro strap and leave the pillow and strap in place. When you return, simply re-fasten the velcro.

How to fold the travel pillow back into the case

The trick here is to fold the pillow across the hook and wrap everything around this. The folded pillow will then be the perfect size for the case. The below pictures will help explain this further.

1. Place the pillow on your lap with the hook as shown.
2. Fold the top of the pillow over the hook.
3. Fold the bottom of the pillow and the hook upwards and away from you.
4. Fold upwards again.
5. Wrap the strap around the pillow.
6. Continue wrapping the strap tightly around the pillow to hold it together and place it in the zip bag.

Cleaning the Jetsleeper

Unzip the Pillow and remove the filling. Hand wash in Warm water and allow to dry. Replace filling and zip up. Do not wash the red Jetsleepers with clothing as it is not colour fast!