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Do you struggle to sleep in economy?... Ever wanted to upgrade your seat?

Thanks to Jetsleeper ® - a new and uniquely designed travel pillow that provides support and comfort to aid sleep in a way never seen before millions of economy class passengers can now sleep as though they are in first class seats.

The unique design of the Jetsleeper ® means you benefit from:

*  A soft, cushioned fibre pillow rather than hard, air filled plastic
*  Support to your entire body, keeping you up-right in the seat, not slumped over the aisle
*  Easy access to leave your seat and return to a comfortable nights sleep
*  Adjustable height to fit your exact requirements.

Upgrade your seat today !

Please select your region to enter Jetsleeper ® below...


"I slept 8 hours each way and arrived feeling more rested than after previously taking economy flights."
Mark, Hurst

"I can't bear the thought of travelling economy without it (Jetsleeper®) - together with my Bose noise cancellers it's the only way to sleep!!!"
June, UK

"We would like to thank you for this brilliant invention and we would highly recommend this product to anyone who asked without hesitation."
Deborah, Berkshire

"I do not usually sleep when flying but can honestly say that when we flew to America this year, I slept most of the way and therefore arrived quite rested."
Mrs Turnbull, Southampton

"I bought a pillow to use on a trip to New Zealand over Christmas and was so impressed I'm buying more for relatives who are about to do the same trip."
Rebecca, London

"Thank you for your e-mail - what excellent customer service! I look forward to receiving the Jetsleeper®."
Rachel, Shropshire

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